Friday, January 3, 2014


Well, this is just another thing that I need to deal with on the third day of the New Year. Someone is stealing my personal original artwork and selling it on a site and calling it her "original artwork" I had received an email from another etsy seller to notify me that someone was doing so. At first, I thought, oh, maybe it was just a coincidence, maybe it's just a similar thing. I mean, I do posted a lot of Hello Sleepywhale stuff on well, etsy (doo'oooh), instagram, facebook, pinterest and even here. I was really surprised to see which work that was stolen, it was a very personal artwork of mine that I did in 2011. I had posted that on my older blog that I was no longer use but never took down (Click link -->) What was even more surprising was that this lady, who stole my artwork, didin't even bother to make any changes (even that is still uncool). It was basically, my art work. You can see it below, the background color, the pencil and inked lines. They're the same thing! It's ridiculous. Not only she stole from me but also from another talents (about 15 artists in total). I am definitely heart broken and couldn't possibly understand why anyone would do such a thing. I mean, we all are makers, right? We have characters and personalities that we put in to our art and that's what makes us so special and original. Well, you all can be the judge of it, yourself. I have tried contacting the site and also the artist but I haven't heard from them still. So, if you understand my disappointment and was in my situation before, help me spread the word, maybe it'll help to reach their attention and will put it down. Click on images to see up close. Thanks for the support, guys!

This is the site where she sells her items: 

Above is the artwork that the stealer is selling: Below is my original artwork that was scanned from my sketchbook. You can click on the pictures and see the detail yourself. They're very much the same. She basically just took the picture and frame it. You see the little black curve on the bottom right side of her image???? That's the end of my black sketch book as you can see the same one below. 

Need more proof??? I just took a photo of my work on my sketch book! I hope that is enough proof to show that THIS ARTWORK IS MINE AND I DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO SELL IT BUT ME. TAKE IT DOWN!!!!

She also steal from this talent, Kate Gabrielle or known as FlapperDoodle on Etsy:

Below is the stolen art work. Link is here:

Below is the original work of Flapper Doodle.

Latest Update:

Finally, after a lot of emails sent, helps of social media and plenty of awesome friends and the art community, Dawanda took my artwork down from this person's site. It worked! So, I started writing on every pages of her works in which she had stole from other talents. Within minutes, her shop got shut down temporarily for investigation. I truly hope that the truth will come to light and they won't let her sell anything ever again because stealing art is a very serious matter. 

I want to thank everyone who have helped spread the word, posting this on all social media, contacting Dawanda by writing them emails and leaving comments to reach out to them. Thank you! I appreciate all the help, truly from the very bottom of my heart. This truly upsets and disappoints me in all level. I work really hard to get myself to where I am, career wise and I love what I do, 100%. Doing art, making art, crafting is definitely a passion of mine. All of my artwork are very special to me, especially the personal ones that I don't sell. They have some sorts of meaning to me. So, seeing someone ripping me off like that really broke my heart. But, I am truly grateful seeing how many people have reached out to me and offered help. I am honored and really proud to be a part of this community. Thank you all of having my back. xo.


  1. i hope you nail her and she gets whats coming to her...

  2. It's against the law to.use ur stuff whether it is available online it id still.ur property, call a lawyer

  3. I am sorry for you but this raises such a common problem. If you post it for viewers and clients how can some other " artist" use it and then sign it with a clear conscience - however I see soooo many inspiring art and crafts that I end up doing but keep in my home for myself. Not everyone does this which is hard to tract down and keep account of. Wish some ways were there such as suspending an etsy acct or you could put your name on the photo so it cant be duplicated digitally.

  4. Oh that's horrible! I hope you can find a way to make it right... (visiting from put a bird on it)

    Your artwork is beautiful!