Monday, January 13, 2014

Sarah and Greg

Sarah and Greg. Oh! What can I say about them other than, I freaking LOVE LOVE these two so much!!! I met Sarah when I was still waiting table in West Town of Chicago. She's just the sweetest with the kindest of heart and the prettiest lady I have ever met in my life. Greg is a tall and huge with a deep voice. He scared me at first. I remember when they came to my restaurant on a date and I was thinking, "It's kinda weird. She's super sweet and he's like a wrestler ready to throw you down" but later on, I get to know them as a couple and I thought, well, if I know any couples who could be any more perfect for each other, Sarah and Greg would be on the top of my list :) Sarah and her sister, Mandy and later on joined by their younger brother, George, and Greg, were my weekly customers and we became friends. They're fun people. It gives me so much joy when I saw them walking into the restaurant I was working at that moment. They're simply just fun people. So many laughters and love were shared on their table.

As I was slowly growing Hello Sleepywhale, Mandy and Sarah became my biggest supporters. They bought my greeting cards, they told their friends and friends about me and eventually, when Sarah and Greg decided on forever, they approached me (more like run into on the street, talked about wedding stuff and hired me on the spot type of thing ;) to design their wedding invitation. Well, how can I say no to one of my favorite couples of all times.

Sarah and Greg met here in Chicago. They love this town and proud to be Chicagoans. When they approached me they told me about their Chicago theme idea and I loved it right away. We wanted to stay classy with the Chicago skyline idea for the invitation to go along with their save the date and incorporating the Chicago neighborhoods as part of their little wedding details. I had so much fun working on these and really proud to share this with my readers.

Sarah and Greg said, "I Do." on December 27th of last year. I am very thankful to be given this beautiful opportunity to take a huge part of the most important day of their lives. I wish them all the happiness in the World. xo.


  1. Those invitations are so gorgeous! Put A Bird On It me! Victoria Ess

  2. Gorgeous work!! Gorgeous couple:)
    Put a Bird on it sent Me~

  3. OMG. Those invitations! And the bride! Just stunning!

    Put a BIrd On It sent me!